Health & Pleasure Festival

Wednesday 15 June 2022
7pm to Midnight

Explore, discover, laugh and celebrate

Celebrating the world of health and sex ….

…. with some amazing people, who will be sharing their views, conversation and expertise with you all week. Come indulge with us, learning something new and exciting, change the way you look at pleasure, intimacy, health, confidence and more …

This is about celebration, it will be fun, light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, humorous, sometimes crude and definitely taboo!

What to expect …

Over the evening, we’ll be bringing you conversations on the topic of health and sex. From 7pm to midnight, you’ll get to celebrate this diverse and beautiful topic.

Fun Exploration of our sexual world

The world of sex, pleasure, intimacy and desire is a world to be explored, by ALL. A world full of wonders! We’ll be taking you on an exploration, from our own views, and giving you space and permission to ‘see what’s out there’.

A view on taboo that breaks the mold

It is time for taboo topics to be part of the past, we want to break the mold and spend an entire week discussing the topics that we’ve been told for years to ‘shut-up’ about – no more! Come and hear what we have to say ….

Permission, Empowerment and confidence

Sometimes you just need someone to give you permission to explore. Sometimes you need to see the evidence of how others have been empowered and their confidence grown. This is your ‘sometimes’ moment!

Your hosts

Jessica Staniforth

21st Century Sex Educator, Desire & Intimacy Coach, wife, mother, plus size queer gal

I’m a huge believer in opening up the conversation around sex, with our partners, friends, family and community to lead us all towards more fulfilling, pleasurable, connected and healthy relationships.

I want you to have fun, get a little wild, explore and discover your true sexual self!


Vicky Midwood

Fitness, Health and Lifestyle Coach

My goal is to help your body move and your brain groove So you can let go of health sabotage and be ALL that you are instead of pushing to be more than you are.

I want you to let go of shame and guilt around how you look, eat, drink and think and allow in freedom and fun!

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We have some amazing people joining us for the Festival, supporting us in sharing the amazing world around us!

Creating sexy selfies and feeling body confident


Ginny Marsh

Gorgeous You Photography & Coaching

Who better than a boudoir photographer to give us tips and tricks on posing for a flattering figure, boosting our confidence and taking sexy home selfies!

Ginny is a certified Body Confidence & Wellbeing Coach, award winning photographer who has featured in The Metro and the Express.

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Anna Sansom

In Touch with Yourself

Anna is bringing her skills as an erotic writer to the table with this fun session to help you become more confident about knowing what you want *and* finding the words for sharing your wants with another.  

Plus she will be sharing a few paragraphs from her erotic writing, which is sure to get the creative juices flowing!

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don’t take my
breath away


Tracey Howes

Functional Breathwork Instructor

Tracey will be sharing with you practical ways to improve your breathing to increase your sexual intimacy – yum!   

Jess has experienced Tracey’s work, and the area of breathing for health is fascinating. Tracey is not only an instructor, but in her spare time free-dives, taking her love to the next level!

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#Wankforwellbeing; pleasure helped me get OUT of bed


Jennie Verleg

In Touch with Yourself

“How pleasure helped me heal after a life changing disease left me paralysed.”

Jennie shares her story with us, why pleasure is essential (not an afterthought) and how it can be incorporated easily into everyday life. She’ll also be ‘busting some myths’ and getting us confident and excited about bringing pleasure into our lives!

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Dance into
your power


Mairi Taylor

Mairi Taylor Menopause Rockstar

Menopause is a time to come into your personal power!

Mairi will be dancing us through the SoftPower types so that we can move through each month with ease and grace.

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Stevie-Joanne McCormick

Stars by Stevie

Stevie is an Astrology Coach and will be sharing with us the power behind our feminine energies.  

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Expressing Desires on Paper


Lou Boulden

Boulden PR

Lou gives us a crash course on how to write our own erotic fiction.

LAughter Yoga


Pete Cann ‘the Laughter Man’

Canned Laughter

Pete brings health, happiness and wealth benefits with the power of laughter. Laughter yoga use planned, simulated laughter as a form of physical exercise.

A Stripping Good TIme



Browns, London

We share our interview with Lena during the Festival, alongside our pole dancing ‘attempts’ – because this is all about having fun and busting taboos! 

….and that’s not all…. we are also giving away prizes throughout the night, donated by our incredible line-up. These include:

Body Confidence Coaching session (worth £244) with Ginny Marsh

60 min Breathwork Taster Session on zoom with Tracey Howes

Mindfulness Practice Session to connect pleasure in the moment with Jennie Verleg

PowerTyle Profile with Mairi Taylor

Free access to the Health & Pleasure 14 Day Mindset Course (worth £47)

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